Castles in the sky

Living in a cloistered Hasidic milieu in Brooklyn, Malke is a Holocaust survivor and a beloved sex-ed teacher who has never been able to have children of her own. However, Malke has secretly been slamming poetry in New York's Lower East Side for the last three decades, defying all communal norms and laws. One day her transgressive pursuits are discovered by one of her bridal students. Is Malke willing to risk it all for her poetry?

The film includes live readings from poets such as Venus Thrash, Julia Kasdorf, and Everton Sylvester as well as featuring poetry by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub and Esther Hoffman as Malke's work and is an homage to the enduring, cross-cultural, and healing power of poetry. This is also Lynn Cohen's last performance before her passing in 2019.

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  • Directed by: Pearl Gluck
  • Produced by : Daniel Finkelman
  • Starring: Lynn Cohen, Luzer Twersky, Malky Goldman